Convert PPT into video file using PPT to Video Scout

How to convert PowerPoint presentation (PPT) into video file (AVI, MPEG, MPG, DivX, xDIV) using PPT To Video Scout

PPT To Video Scout tutorial:

We all make PPT using Microsoft Powerpoint,but do you know we can make videos from all those ppts.

So lets see how we can do that,To convert PPT into video we just need PPT To Video Scout .

It convert PowerPoint presentation into video file (WMV or AVI). WMV and AVI video files can be played by most mobile devices, hardware dvd players so if you want to show your PowerPoint presentation on computers or mobile devices where PowerPoint is not installed or not supported then you should convert presentation into AVI or WMV video file.

Steps to convert PPT to AVI, WMV video using software PPT To Video Scout

Step 1. Download and install PPT To Video Scout.

PPT To Video Scout integrates itself into PowerPoint so you can convert PPT into WMV or AVI video by simply using File menu in PowerPoint..

Step 2. Now start PowerPoint and open presentation:

PowerPoint main window

Step 3. Open File menu and select “Convert To AVI” command as shown below:

PowerPoint File menu

Step 4. PowerPoint will start Bytescout PPT To Video conversion wizard:

Bytescout PPT To Video Scout welcome page

Step 5. Click Next button to enter next page

PPT To VIdeo Scout started with presentation files selected

Step 6. Change output video file name and video format (if required) and click Next button.

Select conversion mode and click Next

This page provides settings for slide show mode for presentation conversion. You can change settings to automatically change slides after predefined delay so you can automate entire conversion process.

Step 7. Click Next button to switch to next page

Change default resolution (width and height) and frame rate for output video file (if needed):

Select frame rate and resolution

Step 8. Click Next to get Audio Recording page options:

Sound recording options

Uncheck Sound Recording checkbox if you don’t want to record sound from converted presentation.

Please note that you should not run another sound players during conversion because their sound output can be captured as well.

Step 9.Click Next to start conversion:

PPT To Video Scout now will convert your PowerPoint presentation into video:

Converting powerpoint presentation to the video file

Step 10. Click Next to show next slide

When conversion is done you’ll see final page with:

Final page with information about produced video file

Step 11. Click Close and program will launch produced video file in default video player:

Video converted from powerpoint presentation


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