Digital Marketing Interview Questions

We all got tensed when we think about Interview. Lot of things come in our mind, we take lots of stress. We read whole night, even when we travel, we try to read important points again. But still don’t get confidence to clear Interview.

Now just forget about tension of Digital Marketing Interview. Here are few selected questions asked during Digital Marketing Profile Interview, shared By: Ravi. S. Prasad, working as Digital Marketing Manager in pharmaceutical. Now you can prepare yourself for interview and crack your interview with full confidence. All the best!

Digital Marketing interview questions (By: Ravi.S.Prasad)
1.Why is Internet marketing sometimes called as e-marketing?
2. What is the function of search engine optimization used in internet marketing?
3. How does Google function to list or rank the pages?
4. How many marketing strategies exist in internet marketing?
5. What are the different types of tools used for internet marketing? Explain the use of all?
6. How does pay per click campaigns function?
7. What is the procedure to perform keywords analysis?
8. What are the things that have to be kept in mind before creating the content for websites?
9. What does entrepreneurship means? What does it include in it?
10. How is internet marketing used to create a stream of income online?
11. Mention the ways by which you can introduce payment gateways?
12. How will you generate traffic on your website?
13. How important are clicks of the users for the popularity of your website?
14. How many different types of marketing methods exist today?
15. How can you advertise on web using internet marketing?
16. What are traffic exchange programs and how do they function?
17. How is money being generated by internet marketing?
18. How to make a website to sell it through internet marketing?
19. What are the creative and technical aspects of internet marketing?
20. How does domain engineering concept works?

21. How so we maintain this domain engineering concept?
22. What are spams? What are the potential disadvantages of using it for advertising?
23. What are the things that are required to setup the internet marketing platform?
24. What are the different types of corporate strategies used to increase the business?
25. What are the opportunities created by internet marketing for unemployed people?
26. How is affiliate marketing industry different from other marketing industry?
27. What all are the activities that can be performed by using web storefront?
28. What are the differences between B2B and B2C advertising?
29. How to promote the awareness banners on the website?
30. What is the procedure to sell online space for hosting?
31. What is the difference between Ad-words and Ad-sense?
32. What are the advantages and disadvantages of internet marketing?
33. How effective is the pop-up advertising that is used in internet marketing?
34. What is the purpose of people promoting on internet?
35. What does the Limelon theorem says regarding internet marketing?
36. What are the different promotional techniques used in this field?
37. Explain advantages and disadvantages of any two techniques used in this field?
38. What are the differences between international marketing and global marketing schemes?
39. Where is Meta marketing used? What does it mean?
40. Why does portfolio analysis done by marketers before going into the market?
41. How to remove duplicate content from website that has already been published?
42. What does AIDA principle means in terms of internet marketing?
43. What are the different online channels used to advertise a website?
44. How to place security features in internet marketing?
45. What are the different levels used in industrial marketing channel?
46. Who uses domain advertising the most?
47. What are the activities that are performed by BTL marketing?
48. How to advertise ads and other advertisements through videos?
49. What are the major functions performed by advertising?
50. What is the purpose of domain monetization?

Now it’s time of Interview Result, we are still tensed, Got Selected or Rejected. Congrates, You did well in interview, you got selected, welcome to our company.

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