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Google Adwords

Google AdWords Fundamental

The AdWords Fundamentals exam covers basic and intermediate concepts, including the benefits of online advertising and AdWords.


Google Adwords

Google AdWords Advanced Search

The Search Advertising exam covers advanced concepts and best practices for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing Search campaigns.


Google Adwords

Google AdWords Advanced Display

The Display Advertising exam covers advanced concepts and  best practices for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing Display campaigns.

Google AdWords Fundamental

Session 1: Creating and Navigating a Google AdWords Account

  •   Create and Navigate the Google AdWords Account
  •   Configure Account Notifications

Session 2: Creating AdWords Campaigns

  •   Overview of AdWords Campaigns
  • : Create Campaigns and Configure Campaign Settings
  •   Configure Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords

Session 3: Researching, Refining, and Editing Keywords

  •  Overview of Keywords in AdWords
  •  Research Keywords with the Google Keyword Planner
  •  Research Keywords Online
  •  Edit and Configure Ad Groups and Keywords

Session 4: Writing Ads in Google AdWords

  • Review Google Ad and Content Policies
  • Write High-Quality AdWords Ads

Session 5: Analyzing Campaign Performance

  •  Review Your Campaign and Adjust Settings
  •  Analyze and Optimize Ads and Keywords

Session 6: Managing Bidding and Budgets

  •  Set and Manage Bids
  • Set and Manage Budgets

Session 7: Creating Performance and Financial Reports

  •  Create Performance Reports
  •  Create Billing Reports
  • Customise Reports

Become Google Certified

Google Adword Certification

Google Adwords

Google Video Advertising Certification


Google Shopping Advertising Certification

Google Shopping

Google AdWords Intermediate

Session 1: Creating Ad Campaigns for the Display Network

Topic A: Plan and Create a Campaign

Topic B: Create a Display Network Ad with Ad Builder

Session 2: Configuring Location, Language, and Schedule

Topic A: Configure Location Targeting

Topic B: Configure Ad Schedules

Session 3: Optimizing Contextual and Placement Targeting

Topic A: Plan Campaign Placements with Google Ad Planner

Topic B: Plan Contextual Targeting for Keywords

Topic C: Configure Placements for Better Ad Targeting

Session 4: Planning,Creating Ad Campaign for YouTube

Topic A: Review YouTube Advertising Options

Topic B: Analyze Keywords and Placements for YouTube

Topic C: Create Video Ads

Session 5: Optimizing Landing Page Quality

Topic A: Optimize Landing Pages for Quality Score

Topic B: Optimize Landing Pages for Conversions

Session 6: Analyzing,Optimizing Display Network Campaigns

Topic A: Analyze Campaign Dimensions

Beocome Google & Bing Certified

Google Analytics Certification


Google Mobile Advertising Certification


Bing Certification


Google AdWords Advanced

Session 1: Managing and Organizing Your AdWords Data

Topic A: Configure AdWords Editor and Import Archived Data

Topic B: Analyze and Import AdWords Data

Topic C: Organize Your AdWords Data

Session 2: Implementing and Managing Advanced Features

Topic A: Configure Dynamic Search Ads

Topic B: Configure Keyword Insertion

Topic C: Create Campaign Experiments

Session 3: Analyzing and Measuring Campaign Performance

Topic A: Link Google AdWords to Google Analytics

Topic B: Measure AdWords Campaign Success

Session 4: Tracking and Optimizing Conversions

Topic A: Configure Conversion Tracking

Topic B: Optimize for Conversions

Session 5: Managing and Scaling Bidding and Budgets

Topic A: Optimize Bidding for Better Performance

Topic B: Manage and Grow Budgets

Session 6: Managing Clients with My Client Center

Topic A: Manage Clients with My Client Center

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