Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP)

What is GSP

Gmail Sponsored Promotions is a new adverting program which is especially design for Gmail users targeting.
GSP are unique Ad types that shows up only in Personal Gmail Boxes in Promotion Tab ( Does not show in Google Business Apps email Box)
The ongoing Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) beta was launched in early 2013, a new targeting option for advertiser & in 2015 it moves in Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs) in AdWords beta new version

How I can use GSP?
GSP in adwords, is in beta version so for access or use this feature you need to contact with Google Rep. After calling to Representative they will check your adwords account and find are you whitelisted for Gmail Sponsored Promotions or not?. If they find you are eligible then they will contact you and give the right directions for use of GSP.
Note:You can use call, chat, and email etc. options for contact to Google Rep. See more contact details from “Google adwords help”.Before apply for GSP, read the complete “Policy for Gmail Advertisers”.

Steps To Create GSP Ads

Step 1. Create a new Google Display Campaign(GDN)
i) Open Google Adwords Account ,
ii) Click on + Campaign ,Select Display Network only,& select “All features”. Apply the necessary Settings.

Step 2. Set up bidding and budget:
i.) Select your bidding strategy – In most of the case it should be “Focus on clicks – I’ll manually set bids for clicks”
ii.) Set the daily budget for the campaign
iii.) You can set up Ad Scheduling – You can select the hours of the day when you want your ad to be shown to your
iv.) Select other campaign settings as per your requirements

Step 3. Add Gmail as ad group placement
i.) At the ad group level go to “Display Networks” Tab of your campaign
ii.) Select Placements
iii.) Click “Add multiple placements at once”
iv.) Add “” into the text box. Click “Close”
v.) To specify your targeting click “Add targeting” and you can select – Display keywords, Topics, Interests & remarketing and Demographics
vi.) Click “Display keywords” and Add Display keywords as per your targeting. Click “Close”
vii.) To further narrow down your targeting you can select other targeting options – Topics, Interests & remarketing and Demographics and specify your targeting.
Viii.) Once you’re done with your targeting click Save to add the Gmail placement & other targeting options to your ad group.

Step 4. Create ad using the Ad Gallery
i) Go to “Ads” Tab, click “+Ad” and select “Ad gallery” from the drop down. Next select “Gmail ads” from various available options
ii) Now you’ll see 4 types of Gmail templates as follows:2

a)Image: Single Clickable Image
b)Multi-Product: Product Showcase with Calls to Action
c) Single Promotion: Single Product Promotion with Description. Select a template that best suits your goals.
d) Custom HTMl Upload

Select Template as per your requirement,Fill the required Details and save and continue.Yor are done with GSP Ads