Universal App Campaign

Google Adwords added new feature in Adwords Account i.e Universal App Campaign Type .Till Now we have Five Campaign types in our Adwords Account
o Search Network
o Display Network
o Search with Display Networks
o Shopping
o Youtube Campaign
Just have a look at the new Campaign type added by google Adwords,Universal App Campaign


It’s a whole new campaign type called a Universal App Campaign. It’s not search, it’s not display, and it’s not video – it’s all of the above, and only for apps, i.e Universal App Campaign

How we promote Apps in Past

In Past to promote App downloads, we would have to create a
• Search Campaign that linked up to your app with a whole set of keywords
• Display campaign that targeted audiences, Mobile app categories, installed app categories, etc.
• True View campaign To add YouTube video display ads that pushed traffic to app downloads.

Let’s just say there were are lot of diverse campaigns to manage.Now Google combined all these three campaign features in one new campaign type and gave a new name Universal App Campaign.

How the New Universal App Campaign Type Works

Google released a new type of campaign called Universal App Campaigns, they just started showing up in the UI this week!It is an all-in-one campaign with search, display, YouTube, adMob and Google Play.
It does not keywords.
It doesn’t have display audiences and targets.
It does not have YouTube targeting.

Google released the new campaign type of app promotion. You don’t even have access to all the normal tabs; your settings are limited to:
• 4 ad text ideas
• YouTube Video
• Location
• Language
• Budget
• Target CPA (Cost Per App Install)

Steps to Create Universal App Campaign in Google Adwords

Step 1: Login with your Adwords Account


Step 2: Click + Campaign

Step 3: Select Universal App Campaign Type


Give Campaign Name, searching the name of your app Select your App Name from List,I am creating for Whatsapp Messenger App.


Step 4: Fill the Details Required.
You are allowed to add 4 lines of “ad text ideas” (25 characters each). These need to be independent from each other because Google may mix them up to create different ads.
• 4 Ad Text Ideas.


Youtube Videos
You are also given the option to add a YouTube video if you have one, Paste the promotional video youtube link of your App.
• Location
Select Location you want to target for your campaign.
• Language
Select Language for your App.

• budget
Enter Daily budget for your campaign.

• Target CPA
Enter minimum Bid target per App Installed by User.
Save & Continue.
That’s it – Your are done with creating Universal App Campaign ,Campaign specially for App Promotion. Then it just runs! It will then be eligible to serve on Google Search, mobile app network adMob, the Display Network, YouTube and the Google Play store.