How to Upload Video on Youtube Channel

Step 1. Upload video.
Go to your Channel then Click “Upload” option on the top right side.
A new window will be opened. Click “Select files to Upload” option for Uploading a video from your Computer or click “Record” option for record live Video from Webcam, or click “Create” option for Photo Slideshow videos.
Step 2. Write Title,DescripionTags
After the Uploading insert Title, Description, Tags for the video. These are very useful tool for find your videos in YouTube.
Step 3. Select Thumbnail
Select any Thumbnails(Any Image that will be the main still image of your video) from the following below thumbnails or Upload new thumbnail for your video.
Step 4. Set Privacy Settings
Select “Public” option in the Privacy Settings, select correct category and save the settings.
Step 5. Publish Video

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